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Allegrissimo is the first software of entertainment management created in France ,  It is the result of several years of close cooperation with many theaters, choreographic theaters, operas and festivals. Since 1991 , it offers all the tools you need to manage your theater.

Allegrissimo: a simple and powerful budgetary control and schedule system
- Building season schedule (master schedule) then hourly advance schedules (assignment by person, production, location)
- Interconnection with an hours validation tool. You will be able to know at every moment the differences between advance and completed schedule
- Calculation of monthly and yearly time sheets, number of remaining days off according to contract type
- Generation of necessary elements for payroll
At every moment, with Allegrissimo, you have a close view of your season. 

Allegrissimo: a modular architecture
Allegrissimo is composed of functional modules such as: orders and suppliers, deliveries and supplier invoices, follow-up of budgets, stocks inventory loans and renting, automatized contracts employees and artists, absences and holidays, master schedule of production, individual schedule and time sheets, follow-up of castings, mail and automatized correspondence, invoices and customers, … You build your solution according to the modules in which you are interested today. Then, according to your needs, it will always be possible to add other modules.

We propose to you to discover in the following pages features and services offered by Allegrissimo.

Advance schedule


Purchase orders

Personnel follow-up

Linkage grid

Budgetary analysis

Master schedule

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